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Calling all Exam Invigilators! Ealing Borough

SupplyNow are supporting schools across London with the management and delivery of the exam timetable for the forthcoming mock and final exams. As a result, we are aggressively recruiting experienced exam invigilators to meet the demand and support our client schools.

Exam invigilation is important work, we take it seriously here at SupplyNow, we will expect all applicants to undertake our fully funded online training which will see you meet the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualification) requirements and ensure the exams our teams manage are delivered effectively and inline with the current instructions.

Who can apply?
Experienced Exam Invigilators who have completed this work in the past.
Any Teachers, Teaching Assistants or Cover Supervisors who have classroom experience in a mainstream school, but haven’t yet completed invigilation are also welcome as training will be provided.
Sadly, if you have no previous mainstream school experience and you haven’t invigilated before we will be unable to offer you bookings.

Successful candidates’ responsibilities include: -
* ensuring all candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities
* ensuring the security of the examination before, during and after the examination
* preventing possible candidate malpractice
* preventing possible administrative failures
* liaising with the examination officer and senior invigilator

Hours of work
Bookings are usually issued in blocks of hours either for the morning session, the afternoon or a full day. You are free to accept the bookings that suit your availability and circumstances and manage your work in the SupplyNowapp.

Locations of work
SupplyNow are supporting schools across London. Once you have registered on the app you can set your maximum travel distance and only be alerted to the bookings that suit you. You’re in control.

   Ealing, Greater London

  Full Time

£   £8.00 - £12.00 / Hourly

Date Posted:  30/06/2021
Start Date:  03/09/2021
Closing Date:  06/12/2021
Category:  Other

We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018