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Are you getting ripped off by your teaching agency?

Friday, February 22, 2019

Are you getting ripped off by your teaching agency?


If you ask teachers and schools what their thoughts are towards teaching agencies, it’s rarely anything positive. Agencies and recruitment consultants have a reputation for raking in money while schools and supply staff are often left to struggle.

It’s no surprise that people have been lead to feel this way; for years schools have been paying out thousands of pounds a month to teaching recruitment agencies when they can’t even provide educators with money for teaching resources.

How does that seem fair? It’s not.

Thoughts towards teaching agencies

These are just a few of the comments we received when we asked what your thoughts were towards education recruitment agencies.

Aside from what people have to say about the money agencies charge schools, supply teachers are also fed up with being sent jobs that aren’t relevant to them or not being sent any jobs at all.

Why are we telling you all this, you might wonder? After all, aren’t we ‘just another supply agency’? Technically, yes, we are a teaching agency, but we’re one with a difference.

For starters, our staff don’t take any commission.

Not taking commission, the way other agencies do, means that we can charge our schools less and provide the best supply teacher rates in the south-east – just check out our FairPayNow Guarantee!

“My school spends a ridiculous amount a month on supply!”

How much do schools pay for supply teachers with SupplyNow?

Our pricing is completely transparent. We charge up to 20% less than other agencies, with more of your money going directly to the supply staff you’ve hired through us - we think it only seems fair.

You pay a daily charge (half-day minimum) based on the pay-rate to the candidate, statutory employment on-costs (Employer's National Insurance contributions, auto-enrolment pension, apprenticeship enrolment contributions if applicable), £20 for our administration costs and an element of profit.

As a school, you can determine your supply teacher pay rate (subject to a minimum), so you have more control over your costs. By offering fair rates of pay to supply staff, schools can improve their consistency of cover and find better matches.

We also don't have prohibitive temp-to-perm transfer fees!

“Agencies take so much money from schools and educators!”

How much do supply teachers get paid with SupplyNow?

Supply teacher daily rates are upwards of £150 for qualified teachers and £80 per day for supply teaching assistants. Some teachers have told us they’re earning as much as £50 more per day, so if you were to work a full week with us, that's a vast amount more. We’re huge ambassadors of work-life balance and taking care of your well-being –think of all the ways you could relax and unwind with that extra £££ in your account!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one!

It may sound too good to be true to be able to charge schools less while paying substitute teachers more, but the way we do it is by primarily using an app to connect schools with educators. Not only does this save money but it puts more control back into the hands of schools and teachers. The priority is you and your convenience, not how a greedy recruiter can get more commission.

We’ve worked hard to create a supply teacher app that's easy to use, and allows educators (aka Supply Heroes, as we like to call them) to refine the types of jobs they’re looking for, what their specialities are, areas they have access to, pay they’re comfortable with, when they’re available to work and more! So you can say goodbye to pointless emails and calls teasing you with jobs you can’t go for.

I'll drink to that | Leonardo Dicaprio

However, just because we primarily use an app doesn’t mean that help is far away. We have an incredible team available to you via phone or email in case you prefer to have more of a personal relationship – technology isn’t for everyone, after all!

Using this app means that we don’t need to pay for as many bodies in an office. Speaking of offices – we don’t have one! Our team works remotely so money isn’t spent on scary office rentals, meaning more money again for the teacher/school pot.

Who do we have jobs for?

Whether you’re a cover supervisor, teaching assistant, HLTA, NQT, looking for French teacher jobs, business teacher jobs or private school jobs – we cater for all educators looking for temporary work either on a short-term, long-term or daily basis.

Where do we supply jobs to?

We initially opened to those in Kent, Surrey and south-east London, but have now expanded to the wider London area, West Sussex and parts of Essex.

Decision time meme

So, are we like the ‘parasites’ and ‘leeches’ you’ve encountered before? We believe we’re different, but why not come and decide for yourself to see if we’re one of the best supply teaching agencies around?!

You can download the SupplyNow app from the App Store and Google Play or contact us here for more details.

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