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Reasons Not to Work for a Teaching Agency and Manage Your Own Time

Friday, February 22, 2019

Reasons Not to Work for a Teaching Agency and Manage Your Own Time

What’s your current method of finding supply teacher jobs?

The chances are you’re going through a teaching agency, and perhaps you’re happy with them, but have you ever considered the alternative: managing your own time?

Just take a moment to consider this: at the moment, you’re only learning about the supply teaching jobs your agent is passing on to you, but what if there are more available than what they’re sending you? And how many times have you been told about jobs that are out of your reach or not in a subject you’re comfortable teaching? Something highly irritating when you’ve been sitting by the phone waiting for that call to come through with work. So, let us paint the picture of how things could be different if you were to take matters into your own hands with the help of SupplyNow.

How Does the SupplyNow App Work?

We’ll begin by giving a brief overview of what you can do with the app before digging into how this is beneficial for you…

  1. You can filter your location, pay, specialised subjects and age groups
  2. Jobs are sent directly from schools to your app, and you will receive an instant notification where you will have the option to accept or decline
  3. You can rate the schools you’ve worked at and send them to your ‘Favourite’ or ‘Don’t send back’ lists

One: Filters

Our super-smart team of engineers worked hard to create a platform that is practical and easy to use – the idea is to make finding supply work for teachers and teaching assistants a breeze! Having the ability to filter precisely what jobs come through to you means that your precious time is no longer wasted on jobs that are irrelevant to you. You will only see supply teaching vacancies that meet your requirements.

Don’t want to be travelling across the county for work? No problem!

Saving for a Caribbean cruise so need to make a certain amount per day? You’ve got it!

Two: Direct Line Between Supply Heroes and Schools

Once a school has a position available, they enter the criteria into their end of the app and, assuming it meets your requirements, you’ll receive an instant notification alerting you of the vacancy. From here, you can choose if you want to accept the job or decline.

The benefits of this are that you’re learning about supply jobs faster and can see what the school’s requirements are.

SupplyNow offers full transparency between what money comes to you, what's charged to the school and where the difference goes, so you can see that no one is being ripped off.

Three: Rate Your Schools

This is another fantastic tool to prevent your time from being wasted! Maybe you’ve had a brilliant experience at a school and never want to miss an opportunity from them in the future, on the flip side, you’ve perhaps had a negative experience and don’t want to return. The option to select your ‘Favourites’ and ‘Don’t send back’ is going to solve both these things for you.

Sounds good, but what does this all mean?

So, as you’ve probably gathered by now, you’re going to have a greater deal of control, you'll have more convenience and can be more selective with your supply work. Rather than waiting for the phone to ring or an email to come through, you can actively view all live vacancies and decide for yourself whether a job is for you or not. Or just wait for the notification bell - it’s up to you!

If you’re someone who prefers to have contact with an actual human, we have a team of those too, and they’re pretty fantastic! Interesting fact, they don't take any commission, so you know that any jobs sent to you are purely for your benefit and not for theirs.

One of our favourite perks of working mostly through an app is that we can pay Supply Heroes more and charge schools less. With our FairPayNow Guarantee, qualified teachers are ensured to get £150+ daily pay and supply teaching assistants are guaranteed £80+ per day. Schools are also saving up to 20% on their supply spend by using our services.

If you’re interested in learning more about how things work for our Supply Heroes, watch this short video…

We made one for schools too…

We’d love to chat with you and discuss all the supply teaching tips we have to make your life easier - starting with our app, of course, which you can find on both the App Store and Google Play. Why not get in touch today?

For a more informal approach, connect with Sinjon, Louis and Marcus on Facebook! They would love to discuss supply teacher jobs in London, Surrey, Kent and West Sussex with you! 

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