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Science Resources You Need to Know About on Twitter

Friday, February 22, 2019

Science Resources You Need to Know About on Twitter

With the proper tools and passion, science can be a lot of fun for everyone. When you're learning about life and discovering how things work, how many more things are more fascinating than that?

As a teacher, even if you're naturally creative, we can all do with a hand at times searching for new and imaginative ways to switch up the lesson plan. Particularly when you're covering a topic you've taught a thousand times, it's nice to have something that brings the subject back to life - both for teachers and students.

You might have caught our blog with our top maths resources on Twitter (which is an incredible community for those working in education - hop on it if you're not already!). Today, we'll be sharing some of our favourite places to find science resources!

Let us share with you what we’ve found…


I think it’s safe to say that we would follow National Geographic Kids purely for their #WeirdButTrueWednesday feature! For example, did you know that astronauts are orbiting Earth see up to 16 sunrises and sunsets a day? Another surprising fact they shared is that honeybees can be trained to detect explosives!

Fun facts aside, their website is full of excellent tools to aid your students with science projects and field experiments. There is information on just about everything!

Why follow? Who doesn’t love a strange fact they can whip out at a random moment to impress people? Your students will love them too!


BrainPOP is an American based page set up to support educators and engage students. They have a variety of brilliant resources to explore - check out their website for movies, games, quizzes and activities, or even their YouTube page.

Why follow? As they put it, they're a 'launch pad for curiosity'! Their tools make science easy to digest and lots of fun!


Here’s one for all you space fans out there! There’s always something new and exciting to learn when it comes to space, and what better place to learn than NASA? @NASAspaceplace is best for primary children, and is a brilliant source for games, hands-on projects and fun facts. They also have a fantastic website as well as the NASA Kids’ Club.

Make sure you don't forget to follow the main NASA Twitter page too!

Why follow?  There's no better place to find space-related news, facts or games.


PSTT stands for ‘Primary Science Teaching Trust’. There’s evidence to show that a child's interest in science is shaped during their time at primary school, and PSTT is working on getting children excited about it from this age. By doing this, they already have an interest in the world around them for when they go to secondary school and learn about more complex issues.

Check out their website for online and downloadable units and free resources based on the curriculum, designed to aid, instruct and help bring new ideas to the classroom.

They have a couple of additional Twitter accounts associated with them, so make sure you check them out too:

Why follow? Between these three pages, there are enough resources to last a life-long teaching career! We also really love their philosophy.


This page is great for sourcing science videos on curriculum matters as well as the weird and the wonderful! Just see here...

If you head over to their website, you can also find (as they say) ‘cool science projects for kids, super STEM facts, a plethora of interesting science kits and models, and a bevy of educational tools and toys.’

Why follow? PSTT really have a passion for science and making it exciting so that children go on to live a life appreciating everything around them.


New Scientist is ‘the best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters.’ Need we say any more? Whatever is new and happening in science, they have all the details and can explain why it’s important.

Why follow? It’s great for those of you teaching secondary-aged students and wanting to keep up with the latest science finds.

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