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Sports Day Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Sports Day Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy!

It’s National School Sports Week! Are you ready to welcome in the fun for sports day and, with a bit of luck, enjoy some sunshine?

National School Sports Week was created to encourage pupils to be more active, and this year, the theme is: ‘celebrating the role of play and sport in education’.

If this week is Sports Week, that can only mean one thing: sports day is just around the corner! Bring on the egg and spoon races, rounders, relay, wheelbarrow races – you name it, we’re there!

The thing with sports day is you probably love it or hate it. It’s fab if you are one of those lovers but how do you make the non-sports lovers feel included in the events? 

Start your planning now, read through this little guide we’ve put together with sports day games and, sure enough, you’ll be onto a winner!     

Before the Big Day

We’re at a time where we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sporting events; we have the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, British Open and even more on its way at the end of the school term. These can be great inspiration for kids to take up sports and can provide some great sports day ideas! Why not think about how you can incorporate these sporting events into your next sports day?

Besides these major sporting events, through the likes of social media, celebrities and online influencers are inviting us into their lives and sharing their exercise regimes, which can work as a good motivator for encouraging older kids to find a sport that works for them – particularly if these influencers aren’t athletes.

For younger children, who hopefully aren’t looking at things like this yet, why not find books where the main character does a sport or a short film with a relatable fit and healthy lead character?

If you have any Peppa Pig fans in your class, there's a whole compilation of sports day episodes on their YouTube channel that can you gie you some great sports day ideas!

Sharing a whole host of different sports/exercises, and showing the different types of people participating in them, is a great way of proving to kids that in fact, sport is for everyone! Not everyone’s going to be able to run the 1500m race, but maybe one day they’ll be a weightlifting champion or even a king/queen of yoga!

In the oncoming days leading up to sports day, get talking about current sports news and the characters/variety of people you’ve been looking at who’ve found a form of exercise that works for them. Make it exciting and something they too want to be a part of - just like ‘so and so’ in 'such and such'! When you get a great response to a sport or character you've mentioned, then you have your first clue as to a perfect sports day idea!

Sports Day Events You Don’t Have to Be ‘Sporty’ to Enjoy

In addition to the sports day classics, incorporate some team focused and ‘silly’ sports day games that don’t require high levels of stamina. Pupils (and teachers!) can have a laugh at these and forget some of the competitiveness for a moment.

Activities revolving around balance, strength or puzzles are good, as they don’t rely on endurance and having bundles of energy, which other races often do. Remember - chess is considered a sport... go figure!

These could include:

  • Obstacle courses with a beanbag on your head
  • Who can hold a funny balance for the longest?!
  • Tug of war
  • Race to complete a giant puzzle
  • Who can ride a bike slowest across…?
  • Get creative with space hoppers and hula hoops – these can be a lot of fun!
  • Target practice with beanbags or balls for more of a challenge
  • Who can bounce a tennis ball the most times in a row on a racket?
If you're struggling for sports day ideas, give this short video a watch - there are tonnes of innovative games!


Teachers Can Get Involved in Sports Day Games Too!

Sports Day Teacher races are great to include as they get students excited and show a variety of people giving sports a try – from English teachers to geography!

Include Other Roles in your Sports Day!

You could also create other responsibilities on the day to ignite the interests of your students, such as:

  • Commentator
  • Reporter
  • Photographer
  • Assistant referee

Sports Day Awards

Why not get creative with sports day awards so that everyone’s a winner of sorts? Most supportive teammate, loudest cheer, best behaved…!

Remember: one of the reasons students may not enjoy sports is if they don’t understand them. It doesn’t harm to go through the rules prior to the big day and allow time for questions to be asked.

Sports in Education

The lessons following sports day are a great chance to discuss nutrition and the role all the food groups have in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, you could get your class to draw their favourite part of sports day or start a debate on topics such as:

  • Whether winning matters
  • Should competitive sports be included on sports day? (a popular topic online)
  • Should boys and girls be separated in sports etc?

Sports day is one of those big finishing points at the tail end of the school year – make it good and the memories will be held onto all summer long - maybe longer!

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