A little bit about us and our ideas

SupplyNow is the antidote to traditional teaching agencies. Its founders, Simon, James and Aimi, are friends with a wealth of experience in education recruitment and background screening. They'd always dreamt of creating their own service for supply teaching staff, where schools and teachers could connect in a simpler and fairer way.

Having worked with educators and schools for many years, they learnt what schools and teaching staff were looking for in a teaching agency and how they could connect the two more efficiently. They also believed it was essential that Supply Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and all supply staff earned more, and schools paid less.

After thinking long and hard, they cracked it, and SupplyNow was born: the innovative staffing platform that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for education! Having previously used technology to create a faster, cheaper and easier DBS process, they knew it could be done.

The SupplyNow app creates a direct connection between schools and supply staff - or as we like to call them, Supply Heroes. Upon registration, Supply Heroes set the job types they're looking for and distances they're prepared to travel. Schools can then create job alerts, which go directly to candidates who have matching requirements, and they either accept or decline - it's really that simple!

You may notice, there's no mention of a recruiter. This is just one of the ways we're able to cut down on costs, although we do have a fantastic Supply Support Team on hand if you need them.

We don't take a commission and only make a 13% margin (compared with 40% for a traditional teaching agency). We're committed to paying supply staff up to 20% more and saving schools as much as 20% on their budget spend!

Our Supply Heroes can also benefit from a #FairPayNow Guarantee, which is our promise to you that we will beat any rate you find for an equivalent job through a supply teacher agency.

Our Mission

We created our ground-breaking platform because we believe in a simpler, fairer way to fill supply bookings. It's our mission to give supply staff easier access to higher paid work and to help schools save money for the day to day delivery of the curriculum.

Our revolutionary technology, has been designed to provide a fresh perspective to the education community, showing schools and supply staff that they don't need a traditional recruitment agency to connect. We're determined to prove that the right supply staff can be sourced quickly and at short-notice directly via our clever staffing platform, saving time, money and stress for everyone. The platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

With no up-front costs and a potential saving of 20% for schools, we believe that SupplyNow is the way forward in the world of education.

SupplyNow is currently running in London and the South East. Head to the App Store or Google Play and register now.

Meet the people behind SupplyNow

Simon's career has been with large companies, running recruitment agencies, including supply teacher agencies, for the last 20 years. Simon lives in Kent and isn't as good at snowboarding as he thinks.

James is an executive with a large retailer. He works with suppliers to get the best possible deal for customers. James lives in Essex and still believes he has an extra yard of pace on the football pitch.

Aimi has worked within background screening and recruitment for many years and is the Managing Director for SupplyNow. When she's not working, you can expect to find her with her nose in a book or brushing up on history.

We've spent long enough listening to those working "on supply" explain how low the pay is and how much of the money is swallowed up by inefficiency and commissions. We know how it all works and we know some clever IT people, so we realised there was another way. Hey presto, SupplyNow.

Technology can make this market fair and allow candidates and schools to connect directly with each other saving both sides time, effort and money in the process.

So that's what we're going to do. With feedback and input from our customers, we are confident that we can change this market for the better.

We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018