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  • Full control on what bookings you work, when and where.

  • Quick and easy payment – no waiting for school payrolls.

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Why teachers love SupplyNow

I’ve been with SupplyNow for just over six months and am really pleased I joined. I’ve actually been offered a permanent position with a school I’ve been working at for two months, so everything’s worked out brilliantly!

Kylie – TA – Croydon

I honestly recommend that all Supply Teachers sign up with SupplyNow. Not only is it easier, but I love that fact that they are highlighting how unfairly supply teachers are often treated. I’m fed up with people thinking I make way more money than a permanent teacher – I don’t! Mainly because the recruitment consultants take so much. I didn’t actually realise how much until I joined. It’s nice to feel like people are seeing it for what it is, and that we can actually make a massive change.

David - KS2 Teacher - Greater London

The best thing about SupplyNow is the fact that I now know in advance where I’m working. With my previous agencies, I had to sit and wait by the phone, which I absolutely hated. With the app, I can accept a job on the weekend for the following week then relax knowing where I’m going and at what time!

Sabina - Early Years Teacher – Croydon

FAQsQuestions? We got it covered

SupplyNow believes that supply teachers and supply staff should be paid fairly and ethically.

For any long-term assignments, we encourage parity with permanent staff from day one of your bookings.

All teachers in full-time or part-time scaled roles are paid to their relevant pay scale. Support staff are paid a competitive rate that falls in line with AWR.

Afraid not. HMRC is clamping down hard on what they view as "false self-employment". They have tightened up on the tests used to assess whether someone is indeed in business for themselves. Our view (backed by plenty of experts) is that it's almost impossible for a supply teacher or teaching assistant to claim self-employment and meet the test criteria legitimately.

If HMRC decides that a teacher or teaching assistant is not truthfully self-employed, they can demand back taxes, interest and penalties from both the candidate and party who paid them - agency or school.

Other platforms are offering this as it makes their life easier, and they can charge less to schools as they're avoiding costs like Employer's National Insurance contributions. Recent changes to legislation in April 2017 make the tests even tighter for anyone working in the public sector. To find out more, head to the HMRC website.

We clear all our candidates in line with the latest DfE Keeping Children Safe in Schools: Safer Recruitment document.

Our checks include:

  •  Face-to-face interview/Verified virtual checks
  •  Overseas police check required for six months or more from a country visited in the last five years
  •  Enhanced DBS - Appropriate for the role they are placed in.
  •  Barred list (renewed every 12 months as part of an Enhanced DBS check)
  •  Cover employment history going back 10 years with no gaps
  •  Gains rehabilitation of offenders declaration observing the filtering rules in association with Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  •  At least one UK proof of address
  •  Proof of identity
  •  Right to work in the UK
  •  National Insurance number
  •  School and university qualifications
  •  Prohibition list check, as well as the EEA Teacher sanctions, checklist
  •  National College for Teaching Leadership for all teachers
  •  Two references- within the last 2 years - Including the most recent employer
  •  Medical declaration and risk assessment if required.
  •  Provide the Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance - Updated yearly, most recently September 1st 2023
  •  Recommendation of a prohibition order where appropriate
  •  Childcare disqualification check as standard
  •  Standard Online Checks
  •  Safeguarding and Prevent Training is provided to all staff members in advance of placement - Updated Yearly
  • Disqualificaiton by Association declaration

It's easy to capture and upload your documents online, we aim to make this as quick and painless as possible.

To safeguard children, you won't be able to accept work on the system until all your vetting checks are complete, which we aim to do within a week. This will depend on how long it takes your referees to respond (we always recommend that you let them know we will be sending a request). If any lapse, you won't be accepted to work until they're renewed (don't worry, we'll give you plenty of notice if anything's going to expire).

A DBS check is also mandatory, and we'll be able to register you once you have one.

Fair pay, better choices, and more control. You accept broadcasted roles that match your set criteria and we give full transparency of pay, fees and margins.

You can rate schools and add them to your “Favourites” or "Don't send back" list – we might even make suggestions on how they can improve from your ratings. Schools you work in rate you too and your overall rating is visible to a school when you confirm a booking.

A school can also score you based on your performance against the brief and have the option to add you to their "Favourites" list, so you get priority over their future jobs. We believe that ratings help us to ensure complete transparency in our community.

As you're paid by SupplyNow, rather than the end-user school, we cannot contribute to the TPS (Teachers' Pension Scheme) as an employer. However, you also won't have employee deductions made for TPS.

SupplyNow does offer a pension scheme in line with the automatic enrolment in workplace pensions scheme – this will be offered to all directly engaged candidates. If doing supply work on a short-term basis, many Supply Teachers prefer to keep their total earnings rather than contribute to their pension – the choice is up to you.

Schools are required to contribute 16.48% of pay to TPS as an employer contribution - another reason they like working with Teachers who are registered with an agency.

Teaching Assistants do not have access to TPS but can generally join a Local Government Pension Scheme or the Academies LGPS pension arrangements.

We believe that supply teachers should be paid fairly and ethically. Our candidates always receive the rate we quote; it will be in the booking details and completely transparent on the app

For any longer-term assignments, you will be paid parity with permanent staff from day one of your booking.

We also won’t deduct our taxes from your standard pay if you work via an umbrella company – your rate will be uplifted to compensate (you may currently be doing this without being aware).

When will I be paid?

Thanks to our innovative platform, you will always be paid on the Friday of the following week from when you worked - better yet, there are no timesheets!

We began in Kent, Medway, Surrey, Croydon, Bexley and Bromley, but we’re now working with schools up and down the country, from London and the Home Counties to East and West Sussex, all the way up to West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

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The SupplyNow app is designed to be simple and easy to use so that you can take control of your teaching career. However, sometimes it’s nice to hear a friendly voice; our Support Team is here whenever you need them.

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Our Philosophy at SupplyNow

We believe the time has come for teachers and support staff to receive better pay and for schools to have more money for essential resources. That’s why we’re committed to providing a cutting-edge platform, which eliminates commission and reduces fees.


We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018