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British Science Week: STEM for Everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2019

British Science Week: STEM for Everyone!

When it came to learning science at school, were you a lover or a hater? It seems like most people fall into one of those categories and rarely in between. But science is everywhere and, guaranteed, we all have a passion that somehow involves science, may that be make-up or animals.

The 9th-18th March is British Science Week, a celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – aka, STEM! One of the purposes of British Science Week is to show that STEM subjects are fascinating, entertaining and engaging. Not only this, but these subjects are for everyone.

dexter's lab | science | GIF

Have you seen the latest Mr Man character, Little Miss Inventor? We think she’s utterly fantastic! Little Miss Inventor was created to coincide with International Women’s Day, which was the day just before British Science Week. She’s there to be a ‘positive role model to girls’ and to encourage them into STEM subjects, proving that they are just as capable and welcome into the field as males. Take a look.

Kimmy Schmidt | That's awesome GIF

But, whether you’re male or female, into make-up, cars, inventing things or protecting the planet, there’s a bit of science for everyone.

So, next time a student needs inspiration to take up science, technology, engineering or mathematics, here are some exciting and also essential areas that require these subjects to thrive.


Have a love for all things beauty related? Chemists and engineers are a very important part of the process for any cosmetic product. Creating these products involves a knowledge of the chemicals that work with our skin, hair and nails, and won’t cause any damage or irritation. You need to know what percentages to mix together, as well as ingredients that will bond, smell appealing, look appealing and, you'll also have to experiment to find improvements and new products.

Make up collection


Those who have an interest in engineering, whatever route of engineering that may be, will potentially need to understand structures and bonds, endurable materials, the environment and how to work with the natural elements or electricity and other energy supplies.

Science and engineering

Environment and Animals

This year, British Science Week is also looking at keeping our beaches and oceans clean, working in partnership with The Plastic Tide. Animals are dear to many of us, and there are many ways we can work with them or protect them – all of which come from having a good scientific knowledge. Science teaches us about materials that are biodegradable, anatomy, the environment, animal habitats and much more. Even if we don't fancy a career that involves animals or the environment, it's still critical for us to know so that we can take care of our home, Earth.

Plastic on beaches | environmental science


The sky isn’t just cool to look at; there’s a lot to learn about it that will blow your mind! Whether you want to work for NASA, understand what a star is, why the moon changes, or how your favourite show streams on TV – it all comes down to science.

Space satelite | STEM

The Home

Science is particularly important in the home. We need to learn what chemicals are hazardous to us, what products clean certain things and what causes damage, it’s also the reasoning behind mirrors and activities like boiling pasta (as well as most cooking) – it is literally, everywhere.

Cooking pasta | home science


Many university degrees require decent grades in at least one scientific subject and maths, whether you want to work in any aspect of health or engineering. Even if you are simply interested in your own health, an understanding of science is necessary for both diet and fitness.

There are so many areas of healthcare too for people that have all types of skills and passions. You can turn to being a doctor, nurse, dietitian, physiotherapist, audiologist or even a biomedical scientist!

Working in healthcare | STEM for all

Find lots of fun activities for British Science Week.

Let us know on social media why you love science and how it impacts your life!

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