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Teachers: Get the Most Out of Yourself this Half Term

Friday, February 22, 2019

Teachers: Get the Most Out of Yourself this Half Term

Teaching can be gruelling - it's incessant, the work never ends - but when you're tired and run down, the quality of your work suffers - and that's a fact.

We all want to make sure our students do their best - but to do this you need to look after yourself first. Here's a few things to try over the next few weeks to get the best out of yourself for your students, your family and your life.

Target your work

My main focus is to teach creatively, and I'll work hard to do that - but do I always need a flashy PowerPoint or lovely printed colour resources? Of course not - these things don't directly impact learning. Your knowledge of the students, the structure of the lesson and choice of activities does. What else could you leave that would save you time - could that bit of work be peer or self-assessed rather than marked by you? Working hard doesn't always mean being productive.

Eat properly

Now I'm no nutritionist, and I'm not sanctimonious enough to tell you what to eat - but the benefit of eating properly is obvious. You fill yourself with sugar and caffeine and you're going to feel rubbish by 11am.

Ignore hard work boasters


We all know people who make a show of all the great things they've done - ignore them. Of course, help that person carry that box of books to the car, but don't feel bad if you're not taking any home.

Break arduous tasks down

I mark for about 30mins a day - often during times when students are working, free lessons, or for a few minutes after school. Every so often I'll take a set home to have a close look through - but since I've started doing this I save hours.

"I'm sorry, I haven't had time to do that yet"

You know what - it's ok to say that. Obviously, there are important data deadlines within the running of a school that are important (otherwise you're making someone else's job really hard), but some things can just wait. That's the nature of the world! Rome and day etc.

Sleep properly


Sleep is a priority. You need it. More than you need to do that... (whatever that is).

Do things you enjoy

No one is going to tell you to do something you enjoy, your students won't, your headteacher won't - so you need to do it yourself. Put something regular in your diary to make sure you stick to it because when you're tired at the end of the day it's very easy to forget.

You work to live NOT the other way around. 

Do you think this could help with your work life balance? Leave us a comment and share the article if you said yes and you think your friends could benefit from reading it too.

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